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reply 100 words to student dale 441 class wk 8

 I think it is interesting to look at each of the different jobs that are associated with a supply chain.  I do think that it is important to have a strong supply chain manager to lead the supply chain for the business, but in all honesty the driver of the truck or the person loading the products is just as important.  If they do not do their jobs it will cause issues, it will disrupt customer service, and satisfaction and be detrimental to the companies ability to make money.  Good luck in the rest of your courses that you have to take to pursue your degree. 

reply 100 words to instructor class 441 wk 8 

 Great post. You mentioned coordination and collaboration in one sentence and that can also sum up the characteristics of a successful supply chain. Fragmentation and inconsistency are the opposites of success but do find themselves in any organization at times. The frequency of these poor qualities determines the robustness of the supply chain. 


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