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Write 1 page essay on the topic The death of the moth.

The essay is also an excellent picture of the struggle endured by living creatures for their mortality.

Each creature has its own views and goals in life even in the case of the day moth which the author describes as not being somber like other moths or gay that the butterfly. The setting of the story is in September and from the being the author attempts to install sympathy for the moth from the readers’ perspective for the misplaced moth. T

he author personifies the creature and further shows potential joys that the moth could endure in the morning and the joys enjoyed by other species, with only the life of the moth lacking any fruitfulness. At the end, despite all the struggles experienced by the moth, the final one is one that is uniform among all creatures and the author boils all the moth’s experiences to a bead of life. Even at the end, when there seemed to be no hope, the moth fought to remain alive in its presumably insignificant


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