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Draw an activity diagram based on the system description below. Use Visio and submit your file via the designated Dropbox folder.

Memphis airlines is designing a new software application that will be installed onto the check-in kiosk and this application is expected to reduce human labor associated with assisting passenger check-ins. When a passenger wants to check in, s/he first initiates a check-in process, and then swipes his or her ID at the kiosk. The ID is checked for its validity. If the ID is not valid, the passenger is referred to customer service. If the ID is OK the passenger is asked whether or not s/he has any luggage to check in. If yes, s/he is asked to report the weight of the luggage. If the luggage exceeds the weight limit s/he pays an additional fee using a credit card or a debit card. After payment is confirmed, the passenger is given an option of whether to choose a seat. When seat selection is complete. The system generates and prints a boarding pass as well as a baggage claim ticket.


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