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A. Dataset from the data provided in the “Raw Data” spreadsheet, attached below. Remove any potential errors or outliers, duplicate records, or data that are not necessary. Provide a clean copy of the data in your submission.

B. Explain why you removed each column and row from the “Raw Data” spreadsheet, or why you imputed data in empty fields as you prepared the data for analysis.

C. Create data sheets using your cleaned dataset, provide each of the following to represent the requested aggregated data.

• table: date and number of events

• bar graph: date and number of events

• table: number of incident occurrences by event type

• bar graph: number of incident occurrences by event type

• table: sectors and number of events

• bar graph: sectors and number of events

D. Summarize your observations from reviewing the data sheets you have created

I Need help understanding what needs to be done as the dataset is confusing and the questions aren’t clear to me.


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