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Julia lost her job last year due to the economy, and she has spent months looking for any available work, she hasn’t been able to find anything new job. Unhappy with her lack of success she has given up all the way, she says to herself that it would be useless for her to search for a job any longer, that she is too dumbto train for any new career, and that no job would ever want to hire her after so many months of not working. She now stays home, avoids concerned friends and family, doesn’t leave her bed and not being able to sleep, lacks the energy to do house chores or even pamper herself, and is tearful and unhappy.

a.    If you were Julia’s psychiatrist, what psychological disorder would you diagnose her as? What are the general symptoms of that disorder? 

b.    What are some of the causes of Julia’s disorder? *Please use at least 3 different perspectives in Psychology to answer the question: Psychodynamic, Biological, Behavioral, Humanistic, Cognitive, Cross-Cultural, and/or Evolutionary).


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