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Your city has a high auto theft rate and a low recovery rate. Officers are given crime mapping data that indicates there is no particular pattern to the area where the thefts take place. Additionally, officers are given a daily hot sheet which lists all stolen cars with specific descriptions of the autos to include any stickers or individual markings which are not stock to the vehicle. Officers spot one of the cars on the hot sheet and stop the individual. The individual does not flee. A computer check reveals this vehicle is in fact stolen. The individual is taken into custody and booked on possession of a stolen vehicle and remains in custody you decide to interview the suspect. However, he has denied having stolen the car. The suspect also did not have any prior criminal history.Could you safely conclude that the suspect is innocent because he does not have a criminal history? Why or why not? How will you conduct the interview of the suspect? Prepare a list of at least 10 questions that you will ask the suspect.


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