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Hallo Prof.  I read through my prescribed book but I find this question confusing.  I posted this question but I get a different answer from the tutors.  (3 different answers)  I work extremely hard on my modules and assignments but I am having trouble with this question.  Please help. 

Choose the one alternative that contains the correct pairing of the type of Dissociative Amnesia with its main characteristic?

I     Locolised amnesia               a) an inability to remember certain details about one’s past

ii)   Systematized amnesia       b)  loss of memory regarding all events that occurred in a specific short period of time

iii)  Selective amnesia                c)  memory loss due to brain damage in a particular area of the cortex

                                                           d)  loss of memory since a traumatic event.

1)     I and b

2)    ii and a

3)   iii and d

4)   ii and c


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