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Your journal should follow MLA format and 

should be treated as a formal, essay-like assignments that will be subjected to the same grading 

system an essay would.  Please make sure to convey your 

thoughts, opinions, and analysis   200-300 words Reflect and discuss the question  

Discuss one of the them and connect  what is written in the book to the life now or connect it to your culture “Middle East culture”   and give examples Themes?Identity-questions of identity. ?Home-2 homes, sense of belonging to both.?Race-relates to identity conflict and the feeling of being a part-time Indian?Poverty-the effects on the individual and community. ?Tradition and Custom-changes in traditions and how they shape one’s decisions and identity. ?Literature and Writing-our relationships to lit. and writing. ?Mortatlity-coping with death and the causes of death.?Friendship?Hopes/Dreams/Plans-consequences of those who do not have hope…?Education-not everything one needs to learn can be found in the classroom


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