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Part 1–250 words will show your instructor that you have started your project, and it will have the motivating effect of getting you started. 

Note: This is more than a statement saying what you plan to do; this is the beginning of your work. You’ll need to decide what your topic will be, and what option you’ll choose for presenting it. Then submit the beginning part of your project. A paper might require a rough draft (an unedited version, or the first few paragraphs), a Power Point will require a few slides. This will be the actual beginning of your project, and your instructor will give feedback. You will receive full points once you turn it in and he/she is satisfied that you are off to a good start. 

For this reason, multiple attempts are allowed. See Instructions and Help for Your Final Project, and connect with your instructor if you have any questions. is highly suggested! Please take a look at the Final Project module, where there is all all kinds of information and help!


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