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In 1957, two boys age 10 and 12, rode a single cylinder Sunbeam, 1938 model, 500 cc

motorcycle along a level tar road, at sea level. There were no footrests at the back so the

rear boy’s feet stuck out somewhat. There was no speedometer but all their thoughts and

calculations indicated that they were going over 100 miles per hour. This is probably wrong,

but you will provide a definite answer.

Certain data are known;

Swept volume = 500cc

OHV engine

Compression ratio = 8.0

Petrol (low octane) had an energy value of 50 MJ/kg

At 50 miles per hour, the engine rotated at 2000 rpm.

Single jet carburetor.

Automatic centrifugal advance and retard.

The total mass of boys and motorcycle was 550 pounds.


1. An estimate of the peak temperature in the cylinder at 50 mph. Perform these

calculations assuming that the throttle was fully open.

2. Estimate the aerodynamic drag at this speed.

3. Estimate the rolling resistance.


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