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Write a 1 page essay on Antigone and Creon.

Sophocles uphold the view of Antigone of the existence of deitys laws, which must be followed in order to avoid conflict. The ego of both the king and Antigone leads to serious failures and death of the character. Antigone believes in the moral obligation and family duty, but Creon believes in human laws as greater than the deity (Sophocles 34). Both instances deal with the issues of respect, but different perceptions are presented that are integral in the development of the radical views. The views are very similar, but personal ego ensured there is a lack of consensus. Creon is very inflexible and cannot offer the necessary reasoning. The defying the law of Creon lead to a serious challenge for Antigone, but the move is opposed by the Creon’s son. The end product of pride and arrogance is a tragedy for the King. The power of inflexibility in views and pride leads to lack of understanding other view leads to crisis of that could lead to serious problems witnessed in the


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