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Do I include the $3100 in workers’ compensation on the 1040 form? If so, where?

 Social security numbers:      Carl: 412-34-5670     Elizabeth: 412-34-5671Date of birth: 7/13/1972     Date of birth: 9/19/1977W-2 for Carl shows these amounts:     W-2 for Elizabeth shows these amounts:Wages (box 1)=$75,000.00     Wages (box 1)=$31,000.00Federal W/H (box 2)=$8,950.00     Federal W/H (box 2)=$3,700.00Social security wages (box 3)=$75,000.00     Social security wages (box 3)=$31,000.00Social security W/H (box 4)=$4,650.00     Social security W/H (box 4)=$1,922.00Medicare wages (box 5)=$75,000.00     Medicare wages (box 5)=$31,000.00Medicare W/H (box 6)=$1,087.50     Medicare W/H (box 6)=$449.50

Form 1099-INT for Carl and Elizabeth shows this amount:

Box 1 = $2,450.00 from Global Bank.

They also received tax-exempt interest of $500.00, as well as $45.00 for jury duty pay when Carl went to court to serve for a few days.

Carl received two weeks of workers’ compensation pay for a total of $3,100.00.


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