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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Intellectual Property.

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On the payment of profits to Raybok however, Reedbok has a cause to defend itself against the payment because it is not counterfeiting the shoes of Raybok with that same name but then producing the shoes under different name. This is in light of the law, which states that “a company must not use a trade name, trade mark and/or geographic indication belonging to another entity as its company name” (In the House Lawyer, 2010). Of course, the name Reedbok is not the same as Raybok. Consumer vigilance has never been the duty or responsibility of owners of companies or copyright holders of names of products. Consumers are liable for their own choices. For this reason if any consumer out of ignorance or carelessness refuses to critically examine the shoes and buys the shoes thinking they are Raybok instead of Reedbok, Reed would not be the one at fault here and so would not be held accountable to pay any earnings to Raybok.


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