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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Skills for better writing.

In writing, there happens to exist a marked difference between each of these activities as tackling them is seen to generally involve a number of different approaches.

Writing can generally be perceived to be a process whereby one essentially moves from different stages and revisions are deemed as helping in guiding the process in moving from one key stage to the next one. Revisions are generally seen to involve a general re-writing and reworking of a given assignment are not regarded to merely just be the changing of a few key words, taking out unnecessary material or even adding a few sentences across a given document. Revising a paper generally involves a restructuring of the entire paper, while taking care to remove any unnecessary information details, moving and adding paragraphs and sentences, re-writing some of the sentences, proofreading the entire document and undertaking a double checking of the paper’s supporting evidence.


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