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Marvin plans an elaborate party to celebrate his fiftieth birthday on 1 April. He invites 300 of his closest friends to travel with him to an exotic Indian Ocean Island to hear a private performance by the enormously popular pop group, the Noughts. Marvin Contracts with the Noughts to perform on 1 April for a fee of £150,000. He also agrees to fly them to the island and to provide them with a week’s deluxe accommodation whilst they are there. Marvin also contracts with Openair Ltd to charter one of their jets to take him, his guests and Noughts to the island for a fee of £300,000. Marvin makes both set of arrangements in January. At the beginning of February, the Noughts informed him that they have received a better offer for April 1, appearing at a televised pop concert to be held in honour of crown prince or Ruritania. Marvin tells them he expects to see them at the airport on the date set for departure to the island. Just in case Noughts do no show up, Marvin engages a little known band, the Pops, for a fee of £5,000.


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