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Part A: The Trolley Problem is a classical ethical dilemma designed to ask students to consider the issue of moral or ethical culpability. It is often dismissed as being overly reductionist, but it brings up the interesting question of how a person determines proper action. Below are a few links related to the Trolley Problem. Watch the videos, and in your discussion board posts, answer the following questions:

1) Is the Trolley Problem the same as the Organ Donor Problem?

2) How do you solve the Trolley Problem?

3) Based on your answer, which ethical school that you’ve read about best describes your thinking?

In your response posts, state whether you agree or disagree with your classmates’ assesments of the Trolley Problem, the ethically right thing to do, or the ethical school they are coming from.

250 words 

Part B:

-explain what you believe is the ethically appropriate way to handle the issue. Make sure to give your reasoning for the stance that you take.




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