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Precis based on Defending Slavery is due on September 22nd

The American Industrial Revolution or The Other Civil War

· The influence of the British Industrial Revolution

· Richard Arkwright and Samuel Slater

· Lowell Massachusetts and the exploitation of female labor

· The birth of labor unions and the growth of corporations

· Eli Whitney and the rebirth of “king cotton”

Required Readings

People’s, chapters 10 and 11; US History chapters 5 and 6

Western Expansionism: Song of the Open Road Or We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank God!

· “Manifest Destiny and Mission” and the Monroe Doctrine

· The War for Texas Independence

· Oregon and “ Fifty-four forty or fight”

· James Polk and the U.S./Mexican War

· The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the creation of Mexican Americans 

Required Readings

People’s, chapters 7 and 8 (revisited); US History chapters 5 and 6

Defending Slavery



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