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Please answer for Option 3 (Great Recession). Attached graphic is for Option 3

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al ( 80 points total 40 points for correct and completely labeled graphs , 40 points forexplaining the movements from point A to point I and so on Startlation has pointsABCD New economy has points A and A Great Recession has Points A B , C )In the space below , depict the episode that was chosen by the card flip Stagflation , NewEconomy , or Great Recession ) on the 4 graphs as we did in class . the MP curve on topleft the IS curve on top right , the AS – AD curve on bottom right and the Phillips curveon bottom left Label the relevant points from the appropriate diagram on the previouspage . Make sure you completely label all graphs including all the relevant shift variableswrite your explanation from point to point referring to all your graphs in the space belowPlease explain in as much detail as possible


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