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The assignment is for your to perform some contemporary research on an issue or an organization that is presently dealing with an ethical issue.  Look at sources such as The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Business Week, The Economist, etc.  Go for a credible source that give you pertinent information.  Once you have identified your company/issue, write a two-page paper, double-spaced and MLA or APA formatted, that does the following:

1. Clearly defines the issue/dilemma in terms of ethics and leadership

2. Describes the relevant history and context around the issue/dilemma

3. Generates what the options or alternatives for action

4. Makes a recommendation as to what the key players in the situation should or ought to do

5. Provides a rationale or explanation of that recommendation, defending your position

You may use more than one source though that is not necessary.  You may use the text as a reference to theory but not one of the cases in the book, as this is a Current Event assignment.


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