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Read this passage from “Exhalation” by Ted Chiang:

One sect has dedicated itself to the goal of reversing the equalization of pressure, and found many adherents. The mechanicians among them constructed an engine that takes air from our atmosphere and forces it into a smaller volume, a process they called “compression.” Their engine restores air to the pressure it originally had in the reservoir, and these Reversalists excitedly announced that it would form the basis of a new kind of filling station, one that would—with each lung it refilled—revitalize not only individuals but the universe itself.

Which two ideas does the passagemost clearly develop? A.Technology can solve perplexing problems; fanatics exist even in a world of robots. B.Necessity is the mother of invention; the universe is a vast and mysterious place. C.Humankind seeks answers to the riddle of the universe; the universe is self-sustaining. D.Immortality is a much sought after goal; experimentation is the mother of discovery.


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