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Need Data Flow Diagram (both context and level-1) based on the following requirements. Use Visio and submit your file via the designated Dropbox folder.

Miss Jane’s Supermarket has a membership program and every shopper needs to provide membership number when buying groceries. When a shopper enters the check-out counter, the cashier enters the membership number provided by the shopper into the POS system, and then the system displays the name and contract information to the shopper. The cashier starts scanning products, and the system reads the barcodes of the products. The product information is read by the system based on data stored in a product file. The system displays a summary of products to the shopper. When the shopper swipes either a debit or credit card, the system verifies the card information by connecting to an external credit/banking verification system. Purchases made are stored in a file to be used in printing the receipt. After a purchase has been made a receipt is produced and given to the shopper.


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