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Thank you for helping me with my lab.

But I have one more question.

You answer a question that I don’t see in my paper lab and is missing one question.

You question and answer was :

Saliva do?s not contain amylas? until babi?s ar? two months old. How could this aff?ct an infant’s dig?stiv? r?quir?m?nts?Sinc? amylas? is n??d?d for dig?sting starch?s or compl?x carbohydrat?s, this would r?sult in th?s? typ?s of foods not b?ing dig?st?d and possibly pass?d right through th? syst?m (and into th? diap?r). In th? cas? of c?rtain high prot?in foods, this could actually caus? probl?ms with th? und?rd?v?lop?d kidn?ys. Babi?s ar? typically not r?ady to ?at solid foods until around 4 months old, and th? Am?rican Acad?my of P?diatrics r?comm?nds b?tw??n 4 and 6 months old.

But the question I need is :

How could you modify this experiment to show the effects of different wavelengths of light on the photosynthetic rate?

If is answer pls let me know where?

Thank you for your help


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