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  1. Copy and paste at least two scriptures that relate to your topic. (Ideally, at least one scripture will be an expository passage from scripture, like a passage from the Gospels or the Epistles when someone like Jesus or Paul speaks directly to the issues in your thesis. Ideally, at least one passage will also be from a story in the Bible where you learn something about how the Bible views your topic from the way that the characters in that story interact with your topic and what happens to them as a result. In this latter case, you will ideally quote a short passage from the story but can summarize the overall plot without needing to copy and paste the whole story into your post.)
  2. Carefully explain how each biblical passage seems to agree/disagree with the position in your thesis. In order to make explicitly clear to your reader the specific relationships you see between scripture and your thesis, you must strive to use key words/phrases both from the quotations and from your thesis in these explanations. 


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