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The General Social Survey (GSS) does many studies on social behaviors, one variable they measure is the number of hours’ people spend watching TV per day. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that on average, Americans in 2009 spent 19.6 hours per week watching TV. We wanted to know if the two studies agree. In Statcrunch look for “Hours of TV” which is a sample from the GSS survey to answer the questions.What is the point estimate of the population average number of hours spent watching TV? (1pt)What is the standard error? Show work. (1pt)What is the margin of error for a 90% confidence interval? Show work. (2pts)Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean. Show work(2pts)Based on your interval, are the two studies consistent? Give reason(s) (1pt)How will decreasing the confidence level affect the interval? (1pt)If we sampled more households, how would this affect the margin of error? (1pt)How would you explain the term confidence interval to someone with no statistical knowledge? (1pt)


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