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how to write a command line calculator. Implementing the (), +, -, /, *, and % functions. the calculator should be woring with both integers and doubles.

Here’s an example run: javac Calculator 2 + 3 5

Separate all the arguments with a space to make life easy. If the user enters anything other than a number where a number belongs, throw a LookAtMrAlgebraOverHereException derived from the IlleglArgumentException. If the user enters an operation which isn’t supported, throw a IllegalOperationException derived from the IllegalArgumentException. If the user forgets to enter a number, throw a UserIsADumbassException also derived from IllegalArgumentException. Make sure you deal with these exceptions gracefully. Don’t pass them on to the JVM. You should also catch and deal with ArithmeticException in case the user tries to divide by zero.

Make sure your calculator correctly deals with the order of operations. (Remember PEMDAS?). I think if you research how to turn the command line arguments into postfix notation.


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