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I will pay for the following essay Thomas Pain , Common Sense. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The harsh measures used by the British such as the Massacre at Lexington in 1775 have also contributed to the problem.

Paine believes that the colonial government would require time to mature and while the colonial government matures there would be little desirability of foreigners to come to settle in America.

He also proposes a continental form of government that would gain strength and support over time. Peace should be held towards the members of the continent and civil war should be avoided at all costs. The governmental framework would consist of annual assemblies that are presided by a president and consist of a congress. The structure would also incorporate representatives from each state’s districts. Members of the congress and the president would be subject to rotation and no law could be passed until found satisfactory by a three fifths


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