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Can anyone help me for first deliverable of course project, I had the data and the 1st deliverable require to follow the following guideline:

1st deliverable: A report that includes: Data source, identification of Business goals/objectives, data mining goals, business problems that you want to address, the type of DM models that you want to build (by identifying dependent and independent variables), & a Project plan along with the data file that you will use for the project. This is Phase 1 (Business Understanding) of the CRISP-DM process. Your project plan should include listing of all the necessary tasks by all six Phases (in as much detail as you can think of) to complete the project (as accurately as possible), names of the team members who will be completing the tasks, and the approximate date of completion. Completion of the tasks should follow a particular order. For example, Phase 1 should be completed before Phase 2.

Variables of my data are:



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