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Problem 2-A on Ch 12- The National Sleep foundation determines whether hours of sleep per night are independent of age based on survey data. A sample of 500 individuals is used on a test of independence. Using a 0.05 level of statistical significance, test whether hours of sleep are independent of age. The hypothesis setting and table with data collected follows:

H0 : hours of sleep is independent of ageHa : hours of sleep is not independent of age

Hours of Sleep   less than 39 years old   40 years old, or older     Total sleep hours

less than 6 hours      80                 100                     180

More than 6 hours    150                 170                     320

total for age group    230                 270                     500

2.1 The test statistic for this problem is…………..

2.2 The critical value for this problem is…..

2.3 Refer to Problem 2.

Your decision after the test is……

a, Accept he null hypothesis

b, Reject the null hypothesis


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