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Reply 100 words to student even class 441:

 Some sort of Risk Management should be implemented into every company to help mitigate potential problems. As you mentioned, risk management can definitely improve operational efficiency. Although risk management may not reduce ALL costs but it can better lead to long term cost effectiveness. Are you aware of any companies that have implemented a risk management strategy that proved to have a positive outcome? Natural disasters seem to be the gamble within risk management due to their unpredictability. I am curious to know which predictable risk is the most popular, and a majority of companies run into. Do you have a guess as to which predictable risk is most common? 

Reply 100 words to instructor class 441 wk 6:

 The 50% unconcerned number seems a bit high. I would suggest that risk management is important to all organizations. The lack of visibility of potential risk and failure points probably is the true picture.   How would an organization increase visibility. 


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