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1. What are some of the different definitions of Logistics; explain the key elements of


2. Explain the flow of the 4M’s through the production process and through the supply


3. What are some of the traditional problems encountered in the management of


4. What is the difference between order winning criteria and order qualifying criteria;

how can Logistics help deliver these?

5. Why have strategies developed towards time – based strategies; can companies forget

about cost today?

6. A company has a P ratio of 4 times its D ratio – what are the implications for Logistics


7. A company has a product which is near the end of its life cycle; what is the likely impact

on Logistics?

8. Explain the difference between e-business and e-commerce.

9. Explain how a 3PL provider may be used to reduce a company’s logistics costs.

10. How can each of the support functions help deliver an effective logistics strategy?


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