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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Writing for the English Major Posting 8.

The other idea that might be explored with regards to this topic is about the real existence of Jesus. It is worth researching on the reality of seeing the “light” and something happening inside a person when he meets Jesus. Another idea that might be explored is the honesty of the people in the Church who swear that they see, feel and hear Jesus. Whether they really experience this is something questionable. It is very possible that the others too are like Westley who just pretended to have the “experience” just to get it over with.

I believe that salvation is a unique experience for every individual. It need not necessarily happen inside the Church where a lot of people are watching and waiting for the time when one exclaims that he has finally been saved. Salvation is not something which should be displayed in public. It is an experience between you and your God. otherwise, one might just act it up to impress all the people


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