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Question 6, Hello tutor, attached is my question. If you could please help me with this and try to show all work i would greatly appreciate it so that i can grasp this concept better. Thank you and have a great night.

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The x— and y—coordinates of a moving particle are given by the parametric equations below. Find the magnitude and direction of the velocity for the speci?c value oft.Sketch the curve and show the velocity and its components. x=4t,y=3-t, t=2 Find the magnitude of the velocity of the particle for the speci?c value oft. The magnitude is approximately E.(Type an integer or decimal rounded to two decimal places as needed.) Find the direction of the velocity of the particle for the speci?c value oft. Enter an angle 9 such that 0°59 (360°. Select the correct choice below and ?ll in anyanswer boxes in your choice. 0 A- "he direction is approximately ‘1".(Type an integer or decimal rounded to one decimal place as needed.) 0 B. "he answer is unde?ned.


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