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Write 1 page essay on the topic Group Therapy.

To deal with this group menace it is important for the group leader to keep reminding the members to respect each other’s opinion. Furthermore, each member should only be allowed when the leader approves.

In this case, a lot of irrelevant side stories dominate the group process. This implies that instead of members carrying out the scheduled tasks, a lot of time is consumed on other tasks that are either irrelevant or not planned for that particular day. Teitelbaum, Wilensky (2013) declares that this is common when the most of the members are close friends. This can be solved by proper planning and avoiding membership drawn from close friends and relatives.

These are members who do not make any contributions in the group process. They are either timid or they fail to prepare well for the discussion and thus they have nothing to present. Timid members should be encouraged to contribute while those who fail to prepare should be given some questions to answer prior to the


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