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After submitting your analysis, Chihiro noticed that the data she collected can be organized by the day of the week as can be seen in the following table.

Suppose Chihiro asked you to reassess whether there are differences in the mean productivities of the four locations but this time taking into account the variability attributed to the day of week.

(1) State the null and alternate hypotheses in symbols.

(2) Write the test statistic and decision rule.

(3) Compute the sum of squares for groups, blocks, and error

(4) Fill in the remainder of the ANOVA table.

(5) What will you say to Chihiro based on the results? Support the answer with the appropriate statistic.

(6) How has blocking changed the conclusion of the hypothesis test here compared to the conclusion in the one-way ANOVA in question 1?

(7) Is there evidence of significant differences between mean productivities for different days of week? Use the appropriate F-test to justify the answer.


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