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i just want to see if i got the right answer. Net income i got $896,000 and eps i got $.90

On December 31, 2012, Grant Williams Enterprises, Inc. (GWE) had income from continuing operations before taxes of $1,800,000. Additionally the following items occurred during 2012 which are not included in the $1.8 million number above:

a.    During 2012 the board of directors approved a formal plan to dispose of the governmental sales division (component) of its business. This component provided operating income of $80,000 before tax for 2012. The sale of the segment resulted in a loss on the sale in the amount of $400,000 before tax.

b.    On October 16, 2012, a volcano erupted in Missouri destroying GWE’s mid-western factory. The uninsured pre-tax loss was computed at $200,000.

GWE has an effective tax rate of 30% and one million shares of common stock outstanding during 2012.

Required: Prepare (in good form) a partial income statement for GWE for 2012 starting with income from continuing operations.


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