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Part 1:

  • Read “Finding and Supporting a Thesis” on pp. 47-53 in your Student’s Book of College English
  • Complete the exercise at the top of page 53 (only complete questions 1, 3, and 5).
    • What is the topic of each sentence? 
    • What is the writer’s main point?
    • What does the writer want to say about the topic? 
    • How do you think each writer will go about supporting the thesis? 
  • Complete the exercise near the bottom of page 53. Choose only 2 of the 5 statements given
    • Determine which items are thesis statements and which are not. 
    • Determine which thesis statements are too general or too lacking in unity to make a good paper. 
    • How does each statement meet the specifications for a thesis, as explained earlier in your reading? 
    • Revise the unacceptable thesis statements accordingly. 
  • Your answers must use correct SPELLING, GRAMMAR, and PUNCTUATION! 


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