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Mr. Gonzalez will look over the ideas presented and come up with the cost for each idea. I did give him the pricing for joining the 90210 Text club and the silicone bands.

Plans for this week and next week

Durning this week, I will meet with Mr. Gonzalez and discuss the ideas and the cost. From there I will take the ideas that will be plausible and begin assembling a written proposal to resent to the restaurant owner Mr. Tommy Proise. After I have drafted the proposal in a way that will be suitable for a business to understand I will give my proposal to Mr. Proise.


I am on schedule for my Mi Familia specials proposal. I could be farther along if I had gotten the listed of my ideas to Mr. Gonzales sooner.


In the meantime, here are a few actions a can take to move this project forward.

  1. Start constructing an outline for my written proposal to Mr. Proise.
  2. Talk with Mr. Gonzales tomorrow to see where he is with the cost of food for the specials.


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