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Revise the website program to reflect the following changes:

  • Prompt the student for the number of courses being taken
  • Use a for loop to prompt the student for the price of each book based upon the number of classes being taken
  • After the price of each book has been entered, display the total price of the books
  • Prompt the user for the following shipping options: delivery or pick-up
  • Use an if-then-else statement to add the charges to the total price if the shipping charges are greater than 0
  • If there are shipping charges, display the total charges and shipping date
  • If there are no shipping charges, display the total charges and a message indicating that the books can be picked up at the bookstore

Create a 1/2- to 1-page document containing pseudocode based on the revised program needs.

Create a 1-page flowchart based on the algorithm for the revised program needs.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.


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