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Write 1 page essay on the topic Nike’s.

The company lacked the diversification on its products and produced products for only some specific consumers. It shunned sports like soccer, rollerblading and golf and focused more efforts on making shoes for basketball and track market. This lead to falling of the sales in the market and the company realized that it had to increase its sales. As a result, the company took its designs and marketing competencies and crafted new lines of shoes for its consumers. It lined a new line of soccer shoes and started winning a big market share from the soccer market.

The company lacked competences in marketing and design. To improve on it design it purchased other foot wear companies that were complimenting its products. The company lacked a marketing design of convincing its customers that its products were the best. Nike is now searching for new market acquisitions to improve its market share (Henderson et al, 2). The focus of developing new products for new market segments has proved to be a


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