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Write a 2 page essay on Compare the neighbors in Mending Wall and The Ax-Helve- Robert Frost.

The structural background of the neighborhood in the two stories appeared to indicate like attributes. There is a rural sense in Frost’s two poems, with illustrations “in the woods” (“The Ax-Helve” pt. 3) to “beyond the hill” (“Mending Wall” pt. 12). Common pieces are the provincial atmosphere in which their physical conditions are anchored on. Neighboring values can also be observed, as protagonists enact suspicious stance towards the intentions of their neighbors. With “The Ax-Helve,” the protagonist deemed in necessary to “judge if what he (Baptiste) knew about an ax. That not everybody else knew was to count” (pt. 44). On the other side, doubts on other’s motive led the protagonist in “Mending Wall” to issue an order to “Stay where you are until our backs are turned” (pt. 19). Such emotions, as explained in naturalism concept, possess internal aspects of uncontrollable influence, manifesting itself in the wary way protagonists proceed.


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