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ong Answer Section ( show all work on pink sheet . )on you have large and small molecy1 . Capts ) This problem looks at what happens , of space there are two large molecules andspace In a givemoving around in a confined space . I Add rotates shown defined in terms of howone small mosider theclumped the large molecules are The small circle moleculeolecule can move to any clearspace , but not the hahatch shaded spacesMacrostate 1 : LargeMacrostate 2 : Largemolecules spread oumolecules clumpeda . ( 1 pts ) What is highest entropy macrostate ?( 4 pts ) What fraction of the time would you expect to see this highest -entropymacrostateC . ( 3 pts ) Say you had a similar confined space with many many large moleculesand many many smaller molecules . Based upon this model , what would youI would yoexpect to see the large molecules all clumped together or large and smallmolecules mixed together ? Why ? How is your expectation different from thecase with a small number of molecules that we have here ?


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