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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: 3-1.

There are also individuals who do not prefer the use of Iphone. Some phone features are advantageous for some but not all. For example, the vertical keyboard, for those wanting to type emails, is a downside of the gadget but for some just touching it with one finger is very beneficial.

Pop culture and science,

which brings fast-changing developments, gets its devotees, fans and admirers because of the individual preferences. Their way of advertising and selling their product can be considered an important factor in reaching different people and the movement of the preference of the masses takes study and research.

Pop culture takes advantage of people’s social movement of preferences. A gadget, like the Iphone, makes waves not only for its new and updated features that other cellphones might not have presented before but also because of the interest of the public in something new. And with this, the Iphone becomes a mainstream gadget, finding its way through the hands of many


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