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Carefully planned nature preserves focus on features that maximize biodiversity, 

  1. When nature preserves are surrounded by habitats that do not preserve the conditions needed by protected species, they are somewhat like real islands (land surrounded by water). How does the design of “corridors” between fragmented nature preserves relate to the effects of area and distance within the theory of island biogeography?
  2. How might buffer zones be related to island biogeography?

DESIGNING EFFECTIVE NATURE PRESERVESThe design of natural preserves has evolved. Modern preservesfocus on the use of several design features that maximize theirefficiency, including larger, rather than smaller, preserves; circular,rather than linear, preserves; and:CORRIDORSStrips of land that allow gene flow and reduce inbreedingamong distinct populations in different larger natural preservesCorridorsNatural preservesBUFFER ZONESAreas where limited amounts of human use are permittedthat surround a core natural preserveBuffer zoneNatural preserve


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