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Stress analysis of a bi-metallic strip subjected to a change in temperature

The bimetallic strip shown in the figure below is subjected to a change in temperature of 1750C.  

As analytical solutions to this problem exist, you should compare your FE predictions with the analytical solution. You are required to calculate:

The maximum deflection of the beam

A visualisation of the overall stress distribution within the beam

The maximum stresses in the aluminium and molybdenum sections of the beam

Answer should contain:

An overview of the analytical solution and the predictions for the maximum deflection and stresses within the beam.

An overview of the predictions made using your FE code using both T3 and Q4 elements.

Convergence study to ensure that the FE model is adequately capturing the deflections and stresses

A comparison of the FE predictions and the analytical solution.

Discussion highlight any differences between the two and the potential causes of these differences.


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