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Hello I need you to do 3 slides presentation about social media problem.  Problem example like : people snapchat while they are driving this one problem. I need you to use new problem in social media, and I will send you the require that I would like to follow it. I need you to add on video explain the issue. 

This’s the required. 

Power Point presentations will evaluate a Social Media issue, method, or practice for its persuasive elements. Students accomplish this by providing an executive summary of what occurred, discuss the persuasive model/theory it uses, state the ethical/potential ethical issue(s) involved, determine whether the organization used effective or defective reasoning (identify which is used and the type), and finally evaluate by determining the credibility and agreement that apply. Both group members participate in this presenation.

Social Media Problemstudent’s Name:institution Affiliation:date: Executive summary• The use of social media has become the part of peoples’ daily life. Social media has become an…


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