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Enver writes short weekly articles for the newspaper, the Mirdita Times, which reviews the

quality of food which he eats in restaurants in Ujine, the capital city of the Republic of


His latest article says:?Good restaurants come and go in Ujine. For instance, I ate at a certain

Italian restaurant on Zog Street in the capital of Mirdita last Saturday night. Whatever you do,

do not order the pizza unless you happen to like eating something that tastes like food

leftover from the previous night‘s customers and which has been just thrown onto a stale

circular piece of bread. The sooner this restaurant goes – and closes – the better for everyone?.

Bodja owns the only Italian style restaurant called ?Ultimate Pasta? in Zog Street and has

pizzas on his restaurant menu.

He gets very upset when he reads this article in the newspaper. What action can Bodja take

against Enver? Can Enver rely on any defences or not?


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