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Prompt: Research a domestic company that has not performed well overseas (do not use Walmart or Best Buy).


  1. Using the concepts presented in the required readings, Identify circumstances that may affect the decision to downsize and withdraw from the country.   
  2. Why do some companies choose to stay open abroad in spite of diminishing returns? 

 INSTRUCTIONS: APA Format275 Words2-3 Credible Scholarly SourcesNot That Many In Text Citations/Please use Quotation MarksMostly Summarize using Signal PhrasesNO GRAMMAR ISSUES USE REFERENCES BELOW FOR MORE ASSISTANCE: 

Peng, M. (2001). The resource-based view and international business. Journal of Management, 27, 803–829

Peng, M. (2014). Global strategy. Mason, OH: South-Western.

Porter, M. (2008). The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy. Harvard Business Review. January, 2008, 25-41.


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