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In contextualizing the discussion of the palace, the author observes the Byzantine interests and aspirations in palatial design which is influenced by the adjacent cultures of the Rum Seljuks and the Armenians. Thus, the author is able to present a new interpretation of the structure of the building which reintroduces the importance of its cultural landscape and he makes his intensions clear-cut. “Moving beyond the conventional East-West divide in architectural history, which has identified the single-block type residential buildings as an exclusively ‘Western” category, I would like to suggest a social interpretation of architecture to shed more light on the character of the built environment at Nymphaion.” (Cagaptay) Therefore, Suna Cagaptay has been effective in dealing with one of the major topic of discussion concerning the palace at Nymphaion and the model of social interpretation of architecture has proved to be successful.


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