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College – Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL (Website)

Each student will choose a college or university and will be expected to make inquiries via the web about the various assessment practices or instruments this college or university uses. This will require you to browse the institution’s 

· Office of Institutional Research

·  Office of Institutional Effectiveness

·  Office of Assessment, etc. 

You will need to do some research to figure out where the college houses its assessment information. 


Type a 2 page discussion of your findings including: 

(1) a reflection on how easy or difficult it was to find the information,

(2) a discussion of how much importance you think the college or university places on assessment based on your findings, and

(3) a brief discussion of their assessment practices.

Please make sure your assignment is formatted in APA, 6th edition and includes an APA title page. PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCE PAGE


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