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Write 1 page essay on the topic Discussion Board #6 Cool Jazz.

Pure musical devices have been used in the production of the recording and emotional expressions are correctly used. The recording is accompanied by a cool and detached concentration which encircles the performances that happens alongside the recording. In the recording, the rhythm section’s role is to provide the foundation over which the improvisers could drape melodies to accompany the recording or the album.

The drummers and bassist have efficiently played their role in the recording as they have not interacted with the soloists. therefore, intensity in the recording has been controlled. The recording also posses’ incredible lines sound making it be a perfect match of the 21st century, this is because of the rhythmic activity used by instrumentalist in the recording. The recording thus reveals subconscious-Lee as musician of the past who has allowed and incorporated changes in the twenty first century to produce a form of music that is appealing to the present and future


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